Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Mr. & Mrs. Parents

There is a stage in every couple’s life when they start thinking of having a baby! Some couples buy books to know about the magical nine months. After delivery also there are books or paediatricians available. 

But how will your every-stage life with the baby be, any idea?

Here are some funny little insights to go through before you get ‘the 2 lines’!!

Okay, first of all, once a parent, always a parent! World may fool you that it’s a couple of months/years job and then you are free! This is a straight away lie!

Pregnancy is usually a goody goody affair. Even if you have a severe nausea, you have someone to take care off. But wait, when babies puke, it’s your own puke! However bad smell  comes out of it (yogurt like), you have still say, ‘oh baby, it is okay, mamma is here for you!’

Oh and how can I forget POOP??!!?? Believe me, some babies never burp... they POOP!!  Gosh, after a lot of efforts like feeding and lullabies the baby is about to go in deep sleep and BAM! You smell something! I must admit here, the day you become a parent suddenly your nostrils work magically. Till then they either used for cold or smelling perfumes or aromas in kitchen. So coming back to poop, imagine the baby sleeping but you smell poop. To be doubly sure, you peep inside the diaper/nappy and see drop of yellow liquid.. thats poop and it must be cleaned! All the best mommy and daddy! And happy screaming baby!!

Feeding comes naturally to a mother! Whoa, NO! It takes a whole lot of physical efforts, it’s not a cake walk dear! There will be days that you will feel guilty, sulk, eat medicines, speak with a ‘breast feeding counsellor’, then you made to eat different types of laddoos. The feeding issue will be talk of the town, and then GOD finally, the feeding starts in a good flow! Naughty Nature!!

The day you become a mother, the clock is only for the gaps between the two feeds. Nothing else. The calendar is for vaccinations.

The glow in the pregnancy is now captured by dark circles under the eyes. The beautiful silky hair is now tied up tightly 24/7. Your sexy lingerie is replaced by feeding bra and awesome clothes by feeding gowns. At times, a mother gets thrilled to visit a paediatrician because she is able to wear normal clothes.

If the baby is well behaved one, normally demands feed after every two hours! Those two hours initially are like a luxury. Then later on you tend to answer all types of calls (nature and phone calls), have meals, have an interaction with an outside world called family members, maids etc. If not, all the best mommy. My sympathy is towards you!  You can become as wild as any wild animal can be! An extra door bell, and are ready to kill the person at the door. And my my my, poor hubby ... be ready to face all types of third degrees here..! Once, an highly independent woman, will now tend to depend on people, mostly on hubby for the smallest thing to buy in this world! And dear mr new father, my serious advice .. never ever forget anything from the list, never buy anything extra and never choose on your own!! And if, by mistake, you tend to do anything of these... then silently obey whatever punishment the new mommy gives.. do not argue.. Finally it’s your own naughty sperm that has made your sweet n smiling wife a mommy... never forget that!

This point of time ‘role of a zombie’ will come naturally to you. Mouth ulcers, constipation and an art of how to hold on your pee (if the baby wishes to sleep peacefully on your lap)!

Now the baby goes in the second stage – 3 TO 6 Months. After a ruckus or a cyclone, both the mother and the baby get settled with each other. It’s a pretty lovey dovey affair now. And again, sorry Mr. & Mrs. Parents, even if the gynaecologist has given a green signal to have sex.. you have take the baby’s  permission to do so!! Again, mind well, permissions can be deceptive!

For Mr. Parent (very important, kindly take a note of it) – around at this time if your hear Mrs. Parent talking how she had absolutely minimal mood swings and initial days with the new born were easy, never cut her! Mothers generally forget their struggling days if you don’t poke your dirty nose in between!

Then comes the ‘introduction of food’ stage. Man, I would so want to go back to the feeding every couple hours pattern! One fine day, the doctor says ‘follow the chart’! Now be prepared! There will be way too many advices, stories, experiences, memories for you to listen.  I will keep it straight, either the baby likes food or no. There is no in-between. And if it’s the later, then all the best mommy (don’t forget to wear a raincoat)!!

Ah, one good point I forgot to mention, you suddenly become a good observer! You can now see the tiniest of pimple or yes.. changes in poop’s color, texture, pattern, size and smell. A parent tends to observe poop with interest! And, here not just observe, it can become subject of pride, topic of discussion, joke, satisfaction, worry, anything!

Forget the days where you and your hubby once planned romantic gateways, which restaurants to try, books, movies etc! These are the days where you only talk about the BABY or nothing at all! More precisely again, feed, potty, sleep patterns. These also can be topic of SOS calls. You prefer going to food courts rather than fine dining restaurants. You suddenly start hanging around in baby friendly environments and people.

Now there comes the naughty baby phase (officially). At this stage your baby is smart enough to understand on how to react in public. Beware. Never ask your baby to perform anything he/she usually does at home. It can cost you utter embarrassment. For example: ‘baby, give flying kishie to didi’.. the baby will do anything but will seldomly blow a simple ‘flying kishie’. And when by chance you happen to talk with an ugly, sleazy stranger.. Bang on... flying kishies can come in abundance (finally, you say it in your mind, honey at least find a good looking stranger)!!

I don’t know whether marriages come with a ‘deal’. But I am very much sure that taking care of your baby in social gatherings... is a BIG DEAL (between Mr. and Mrs. Parents)!! Okay, situation no. 1.  To Mr. Parent: Never take the responsibility of taking care of the baby entirely, if you are wearing expensive clothes.  Be prepared for an embarrassing situation. And Mrs. Parent expect a loud scream like....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO from your hubby. The baby can either spill water on pants, yellow khichadi on shirt or else simply puke! In the middle of the whole drama, the reaction of the baby will be oblivious.

Okay, second time you guys decide to switch the responsibility of the baby! Remember, you are still on the DEAL phase! Mrs. Parent is all dressed up. She is wearing beautiful pieces of jewellery like, bangles, necklace and all time favourite.. JHUMKAS!! I have not still understood that why there is a severe attraction between baby (boy preferably) and jhumkas!!! (Imagine the needful)!!

Now, Mr. Parent, if the baby is with the mommy.. It’s dangerous!! Think twice before you commit to the above deal. Have you heard this song?? ‘saree duniya ka bhoj hum uthate hain!!’ Yeah, right! Now your role is just that! The daddy has to hold baby bags! (yes, daddy...BAGS)! The bags can be of any colour (apart from the usual pinks n blues)! And man, they can be heavy too! ‘’what if the baby needs this?” This is one hell of a magical question wherein you can’t dare to argue. You simply oblige. If at all you do argue and reduce some 2-3 items from those baby bags.. and the naughty baby demands only those items later on... GAME OVER, Mr. Parent!

There are stages where the baby starts walking, blabblering, exploring drawers.. (so, don’t keep things handy)! After a while, you realise that your language is severely affected. For example – apple can become ‘appy’ and banana can become ‘nana’ even when you are shopping alone! Your car’s music collection is replaced by nursery rhymes! And in middle of your work in office, suddenly to find yourself humming those rhymes. This is all normal! Don’t worry!

By now, you are settled! Clicking family pictures. Making future investments for the baby.. Daddy and baby do wear same tee’s like ‘daddy my hero, baby my love’! And one fine day, the doctor says ‘wean the baby’!! Again, ALL THE BEST, ESPECIALLY TO DADDY!! Mr. Parent is now the new villain in separating mommy and baby ‘the most adorable time!’

And after going through all these things, in a gap of 3-4 years some brave parents produce another baby!!! Wow!! Congratulations!! Get ready for the whole BIG, NEW  MEGA CIRCUS only with Double Dhamaka !!

Ps :After reading this,  please do not hold me responsible if you develop  cold feet at the last minute. While reading, if you make sounds like..awww, shoo cute, smile or laugh,  you are on a right track to become parents. Stork will visit soon!

Thank you!

An experienced Mrs. Parent

Yours Truly,

Nishigandha Gadkari

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Ghost Travels With You.. Anywhere and Everywhere!

the eyes get dark... and so the area around it.

the memory flashes either in your dreams
or gives u a sleepless night..

u wonder.. staring at the ceiling.. with eyes open..
..and only question pops out is Why? why? and why?

u are only given a month happiness..
..as if ''khush ho ja bacchhe''
then come to the rut, reality and struggle.

your thoughts wander... like wind... here to there..
but all helpless and clueless.

to what will happen next..
..only knows He.

the ties broken shaken and are taken away from you..
to make you realize u are at the mercy of others
and yet it is u who has to see all the possibilities and consequences..
if not danced on the tunes.

this is... dear.. the way of life..
your hands tied, your lips sealed..
yet the picture on the wall should say..
''and they lived happily ever after''
want to to break the barriers
to set myself free
want to runaway from the cluster
with just him and me

so getting choked up in the caged world
so getting lost in this clutter..

afraid, the only hand held
what if goes missing somewhere

my eyes are searching for it..
my body is ready for it..
then, why the wait..?

doing something is always good but hectic
but why is doing nothing is a crime?

why every person has to rush at the tickling of the time
why can't people accept the word 'relax'?
grass is greener on the other side of the fence, i know
there are greener pastures everywhere.. that too i know

running away is not a solution... i completely understand..
but we are not..

we love to be together ...
setting up our own world, a more peaceful rather

then, why aren't you letting us?
why? why? and why?

Monday, 22 March 2010

A final farewell to my portable hard disk. ..
'in you, my moments were stored..
thought you would keep them safely.. after all you are a machine .. superior to man.
only one click... and there was I, with my loved ones... smiling back ...
you woud help me to store the finest moment.. which was only mine... and no one else's
but i don't blame you... after all u were a machine....and rather... 'a man made machine..who makes mistakes..all the time.
you need not be disheartened.. as neither am I ...
and thanks......as I will have to take some time out and remember my moments... which by now I may have forgotten some..
the only difference is... now onwards I will store my new moments in a God made hard disk...and once again I will look out for you.. to restore. ..
..and then again... with one click... there will be me... with my loved ones!..... life goes on..... and so will you!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

I see a sea..

I see a sea...

I love to watch a sea...

On an aimless day..

I love to watch a sea..

To retrospect..

A Sea is such a vibrant phenomena

Yet cool and composed..

In it lie the hidden treasures of life..

It is full of life in itself.. giving a shelter to mermaids..

And drops of water .. to the thirsty men

If disturb, can create a havoc..

But thats on a rare occasion..

Usually.. She helps to build dreams on sand...

At times, She is the only witness for those who walk for the first time, hand-in-hand

I love to gaze around at a sunset..

I love to watch the dazzling waves..

I love to breathe the fresh air around her..

I love to smile at her..and with her

Sometimes I feel of holding her tight..

And give away my tears from a woeful plight..

And take with me the zest of life

I love the soothing waves..

I love the colour of the colourless..

It give me an immense pleasure

To stare at the sea on a lazy day..

And start a new beginning on the very next day..

I see a sea..

With my eyes closed.. even if far away..

I see a sea..

When I want to grow..

I see a sea..

When I am content in life..

I see a sea

To tell her my dreams and aims in life.

I can see a sea ..

On any day..

Rather, its been my dream

To see a sea..

Everyday !!

Monday, 23 February 2009


Patrika ani lagna  hya kashya ektra julun yenarya kinva julun annarya goshti ahet.. tya chi ek katha.


Shri. Mohan Limaye navache ek jyotishi punyala rahat asat. Te vevsayani banker hote pun jyotish shastraver tyancha agadi lahan pana pasun vishwas, avad ani abhyaas aslyamule, te kadhi vel milala ki kahi natewaik, mitra-pariwaranchya patrika baghat. He karta karta, tyancha ek changle jyotish mhanun naav jhala hota. Lokancha tyanchya var khoop vishwas hota. Achuk bhavishya sangnare ani vishesh mhanje lagna karyat patrika julavnare va barober salla denare, mhanun loka tyanchya kade gardi karat.

V.R.S. nanter tyani jyotishila purna pane vahun ghetla.


Tyana don muli hotya. Sangeeta ani Shweta. Hya donghin madhe bara varshancha antar hota. Disayla khoop chaan, gharya, gorya asha hya don muli. Hya doghin chi pratrika, tyanchya vadalani lahan panich akhun thevli hoti. Jase patriketle gun .. tashyach hya doghi. Hushar, premal, samanjas ani mookhya mhanje… ekichya patriket jer kala jhalakte.. ter tila kale sathi encourage kela.  Dursi cha shikshan uttum.. ter tu bharpur  shik mhanun prochtahan dila. Tar he ashe… Mohan Limaye!


Mothi mulgi mhanje Sangeeta, jevha lagnachi jhali, tevha Mohanrao tichi patrika neat parat baghu lagle. Tichya patriket 'arranged marriage' ha yog hota. Ti lagna nantar pardeshi janar he hi tyana spashta disat hota. Ani kahi chhotya mothya goshti dislyavar tyani Sangeeta chya lagna sathi mulge baghayla survat keli. Tichya patriket survatichya kalat yog nhavta. Pun bavis varsha purna jhalyaver 6 mahinyani yog ahe, a varsha bharat lagna hoeelach ashi tyana guarantee hoti! Tari pun tyani Sangeeta BCom jhalya jhalya var soushodhan suru kela. Te karan asa ki, tichya patriket jari yog nasala teri samor chya patriketale graha jer tichya sathi favourable asle ter.. mhanun adhi pasunach survat.


Pun patriket akhlya pramane, Sangeeta cha lagna 22. 7 mahinyani therla and 22.11 mahinyani jhala suddha. Lagna agadi chhan par padla. Patriket lihlya pramane, mulga vavastit shiklela va mula kadche loka khoop sajjan ani changle. Mukhya mhanje mulga jeri lagnyachya velela punyatach naukri karat hota teri lagna jhalyaver tyala Dubai chi ek changli offer ali ani to lagnyachya dusryach varshi sangeeta la gheun Dubai la gela!

Dubai chi batmi kallyaver Mohanrao khush jhale. Tyancha patrikevarcha abhyaas achuk ahe, hey tyanna hi halu halu patu lagla!


Asa karta karta kadhi 10 varsha ulatli, hey tyancha tyanna kalla nahi! Hya daha varshyachya kalat, Mohanrao retire jhale. Tyani purna pane jyotishi la vahun ghetla. Tyanchyakade gardi vadhu lagli va changle jyotish mhanun te prasidha hi jhale. Hya daha varshyachya kalat, tyanchi mothi mulgi Sangeeta, Dubai la chhan ramali. Tila 2 mula zali. Navra pun chann settle zala. Ti Dubai la aslyamule, Mohanrao ani kutumbiya la pun Dubai firnyacha chance milala!

Mhanje thodkyat kay, sagla kasa agadi patriketle grahanche ganeet achuk nighala!


Hya daha varshyanchya kalawadi madhe, tyanchi chhoti mulgi Shweta ata mothi zali hoti. B.Sc chya final year la!  Shweta ekdum hushar, tejaswi and tai peksha sundar! '2nd number' mulanche jase popular gunn astat, mhanje thode hatti, ziddi, ladavlele, etc; ashe tichyat pun hote. Ti abhyaasat khoop hushar hoti. Tila Food and Nuitrition madhe Masters karun pudhe research karaycha hota.


Ti pun jevha marriageable age chi zali tevha Mohanrao ni tichi patrika suddha neat jopasun baghitli. Tichya patriket kshikan khoop asa spashta disat hota. Ti changlya position la asnar, commanding asnar, ghari bharpur paisa ani tyat tichya kadun pun javal javal sama tolane hathbhar, he hi tyana spashta disla. Te khush zale. Tyana nhemich tichya hushari ani kartutwa baddal abhimaan hotach.

Lagna cha angle pun Mohanrao ne neat baghitla. Tichya hi patriket, sansar ekdum chhan ani suralit hoeel asa disla. Te khush zale. Chala chinta mitli! Donhi muli sukhani nandlya mhanje zala. Mug parat tyani ajun jara kholat pahila.. tyat disla.. ki Shwetala jo navra milel, to khoop tejpunja..handsome and khoop hushar asel. Tichya patriket tai sarkha pardeshi yog nhavta, pun baher gav cha mulga asel asa disat hota. Mukhya mhanje Shweta cha lagna either love marriage asel or magani ani ekda kay to mulga samor ala.. ki lagech lagna houn jael hey hi tyana disla.


Shweta chi ashi rajashahi patrika baghun Mohanraona bara vatla. Tyana hey sagla dislyach barober tyani shweta lagech haak marli ani, ‘‘tujha kuthe jamlay ka?’’ vicharun mokale jhale! Shwetani nahi mhantlyaver tyani tila dheer dila, ‘jamel jamel kalji karu nakos ani amcha tar ajibat tension gheu nakos’ hey hi bolun mokale jhale!


Hya vakyala ata jawal jawal 7-8 mahine jhale hote! Shweta, Bsci exam diun sutti masta enjoy karat hoti. Mohan ravanni hey hi sangitlela, ‘tula ajun kiti pun kshikavasa vatla, tevdha kshik’. Mhanun ti pun ekdum relaxed hoti. Tichya career cha swapna tini adhich baghun thevla hota!


Mohanrao matra, side by side tila kon magni ghaltay ka, hya ashya dhyayyani pratyek lagna karayat or samarambhanna alert rahat! Shwetala evdhyat lagna karaycha nhavta. Tila adhi Msc complete kelyaver 1-2 varsha job karun mug lagnacha vichar karaycha hota.


Pun eke divashi, je Mohanravanchya manat hota, tech zala! Tya suttitach eka olkhichyancha lagnala Mohanrao, tyanchi baiko and Shweta gele. Tithe tyanchi olakh eka gruhastashi zali. Tyancha naav Shri Vinayak Damle hota. Te MP la rahanare hote. Te agadi spashta bolle 'me sakal pasun tumchya mulila baghtoy ani manat fakta ekach vichar yetoy.. majhya bhachya chi hicha jamvava'!!

Hey aaikun tighahi jara chat padale pun tya nanter Mohanraoni mula baddal mogham chaukashi keli. Tya choukashi madhe tyanna hey hi kalla, ki to mulga ani tyachi aai reception aaj yenar ahet.


Mulacha nav Vivek Karve hota. Mulacha cha shikshan MBA in Finance hota, ani ICICI madhe gele 5 yrs naukri karat hota. Disayla handsome  va manmoklya swabhavacha ahe asa sangitla. To hi dekhil MPchach rahnara hota. Tyache vadil nuktech deed varshanpurvich varle hote.Te CA hote va  eka reputed company madhe changlya postion hote. Tyancha heart attack houn  nidhan zala. Mulachi aai house-wife hoti ani Bhopal la tyancha swatacha bangla hota va ha mulga ekulta ek ahe asa hi kalla. Vinayak Damle ha manus, mulacha mama hota. Tyani tyachya gharchi pun thodi far mahiti sangitli ani mookhya mhanje tyani mansa khoop changli ahet, hi khatri dili.


Mohanrao ni hi mahiti purna pane aaikun ghetli. Thodi-far swatabaddal hi sangitla.. pun tyanihi spashta sangitla ki ha decision majhya muli cha asnar. ‘Me adhi patrika pahin, pun teri.. Ti nahi bolli .. ter kiti hi changla asla teri amhi pudhe janar nahi’! Vinayak Damle na te patla.. pun fakta aaj mulga ani tyachi aaishi bhet karun deto mug pudhe je hoeel te hoeel asa bolun tyani samarthan vyakta kela.


 Divasbhar kuthetari Mohanraonna Shweta chi recently baghitleli patrika athvat hoti. Tyani Shweta ani tyancha baiko hi sagli mahiti sangitli. Shweta ni saaf nakar dila. Tila lagnacha vichar pudhche 3-4 varsha karaycha nhavta. Pun doghahi aai-baba ni tila convince kela.. ki aaga aaj ratri baghun ter gheyut kon mulga ahe to, mug kahi karan sangun mokale houyat.

Shweta la hey patla nhavta, pun aaj ratri reception la yena bhag hota; tichyach maitrinpeki he lagna hota. Mhanun tila 'bara theekahe' bolanyashivay pariyay nhavta! Pun tini ek theravla.. jar mulashi tila separately bolayla chance milala, ter tyala directly nahi mhanun sangaycha!


Mohanrao and kutumbiya sandhyakalchya reception la chaan tayar houn gele. Tighanchi najar kuthertari tya mulala shodhat hoti. ‘kon asel, kasa asel..!’ Shevti tyanna to mulacha mama dislach! Tighanchya potat jara gola ala.. to mama pun Mohanrao nna baghun tyanchya kade dhavat ala.. ani bolla 'mulga ani tyachi aai allele ahet.. ani me tyanna apli sakal hi olakh sangitli.. te hi dekhil utsuk ahet tumhala bhetayla'' asa bolun tyani tyanna mulachya dishela nela.


Vivek Karve.. uthla ani saglyani ekmikanna baghitla.. olakh zali.. ani jasa mamani tyala describe kela hota.. to tyahun handsome.. gora ani dekhana mulga hota! Tyachya chehra kade baghat rahvasa vatat hota. Hey sagle bolat astana, Shweta ani Vivek sudhha jara bajula houn bolle. Mohanraovancha tyanchyakade laksha gela ani hi jodi aajchya nava vadhu-var  pekshahi khoop chaan and sundar distie hey janavla! Ani kharokharach khoop chhan disat hote dogha.. jevdha Vivek dekhana tevdhich Shweta hi najuk ani sundar!


Mulachya aai shi guppa marta marta.. Mohanrao ni Vivek chi birthdate and vel vicharun ghetli. Adhi me patrika baghnar ani mugach tumhala contact karnar hey sangitla.


Tya ratri Mohan Limayenna jhop lagli nahi. Dolya samor fakta Shweta ani Vivekcha tejasvi joda ubha hota. Kadhi ekda pahat hotie ani te Shweta ani Vivek chi patrika baghtyat asa zalela! Ani pahatech uthun.. tyani doghanchya patrike cha abhyaas suru kela!


Kharatar, tya ratri Shwetalahi zop lagli nahi. Tila sarkha Vivek cha chehra dolya samor yet hota. Ti kuthetari Vivek chya chehrya kade akarshit zali hoti. Pan Vivek shi boltana, theravlya pramane, tila evdhyat lagna karaycha nahie asa sangitila. Vivek ni pan hey setting awkward ahe ani asa kahi honar, he jar tyala adhi mahit asta.. tar to lagnala ala nasta..he sangitla…pan haluch ‘bara jhalo me alo’ asa hi Shwetachya dolyat baghun putputla ! Tyani tila lagna ka nahi karaychay te vicharla. Ti MSc cha karan sangtach, to patkan bolla.. 'ho barobar ahe tujha.. pan MSc tu Bhopal chya university madhe kar..lagna nanter ' asa bolun Shwetala tyani ashcharya chakit kela! Tila hya utterachi apeksha nhavti .. ani kuthetari tila hey utter avadla!

Tila hey hi mahit hota.. ki tiche baba ata patrika baghnar.. ani tya julyavya.. asa patkan tichya manat ala..


Mohanrao ni Vivek chi patrika adhi baghitli.. sagla mamani sangitlya pramane hota. Shikshan chhan, disayla sundar, ghari sagla vyavastith.. swabhav thoda chanchal disla.. pun tyana kahi laksha denya sarkha vatla nahi. Lagna chya babtit.. asa adhalla ki to jya mulila baiko mhanun swikarel tichya afat prem karel.. mug kay hey baghun Mohanrao ekdum khush! Tyanna parat tya doghancha joda dolyasamor disla. Tyani lagech Shweta chi patrika ugdhun julvayla survat keli! Thodya velani 36 peki 29 guun jamle ani Mohanraovancha chehara phulla!


Hey aaikun, Shweta ani tichi aai pun khush zalya. Shweta ni putkan tichya chehryavercha ananda lapvat sangitla.. ki me adhi mulala bhetin ani mug thervin. Mohanrao ‘bara’ bolle.. Ani Shweta, Vivek tila ata parat kadhi bhetel hyacha vicharat gunga zali!!


Tyach athavdyat Mohanrao ni Vivek kade phone karun, Shweta chi patrika te swatha dayla yetyat asa sangitla. Hyachya magcha uddesh mhanje, Vivek cha ghar pahane, tyancha rahaniman, va jara choukashi karun yene! Tyach divshi tyani jya lagnat Vivek chi olakh zali.. tya gruhastanna phone varti Karve kutumbiyyan baddal vicharle. Tya mansani Vivek chya aai-vadillan babtit khoop changli mahiti dili… dole zakun pudhe ja.. ashi khatri dili!


Tharlya pramane Mohanrao Bhopal la tyanchya ghari gele. Bangla baherun chhota disla.. pun bag-bagiccha baghun te prasanna zale. Atun bangla chhan neat nitka hota. 3 BHK ahe ase samajla. Mohanraovanncha khoop chhan swagat zala. Agadi MP style khaterdari! Sunday aslyamule Vivek hi ghari hota. Khoop guppa marlya doghanni. Ani kharokharach mulga agadi manmokalya swabhavacha ahe te janavla. Mohanrao punlyala khoop khush houn ale. Sagla manasarkha hota. Apli mulgi sukhani nandel, hi khatri patli.


Lagechach kahi divsat patrika donhi side ni julvun, parat ekda baghnyacha karyakram ujadla! Tya divshi Shweta, khoop anandat hoti.. Tini hya divshachi khoop vaat baghitleli.. tila Vivek barober khoop guppa maraychya hotya, khara mhanje tila Vivek cha chehra parat baghaycha hota!!

Punekarani pun jordar khaterdi chi tayari keli!


Vivek cha chehra kharokhar dekhna hota. Ekda baghitla.. ki parat na kadhi visarnya sarkha! Ani tya divshi tyachya pun chahryaver ek veglach glow hota! Tyala pun Shweta khoop avadli hoti. To tila parat kadhi ekda bhettoy asa zalela!

Vivek chi ajun ek khaas bat mhanje, to prachanda bolka hota! 'Jeebhe ver Saraswati nandte' hya vakyacha to ek udharan hota! To ekda bolayla lagla.. ki aaikt rahava .. asa tyacha awaz ani vani hoti. 


Ter mug kay, kuthe hi dosh kadhayla va nakar dayla donhi patrikanmadhe jaga nhavti.. lagna therla!


Sagla agadi swapnat aslyasarkha hot hota. Shweta and Vivek che bharpur sms ani phone calls chalu zale. Tyanchya July chya pahilya week madhe sarkharpuda hi therla. Sarkharpuda MP madhye asnar ani lagna Punyala va reception MP madhe,  hey mothya lokanni adich theravlela! Engagement chya adhi Shweta ekda Bhopal la jaun ali. Tini first time.. ticha sasar ani shivay Bhopal baghitla. Ek changla hota.. ki hi sagli mansa khoop guppishta aslyamule Shweta hi lavkar adjust zali. Vivek ni tila university dakhavli and pudhya varshi tu ithech abhyaas kar aaikun Shweta khush zali!

Sakharpudhya chya don divas adhi tichi bahin pun khass Dubai varun ali. Gharche sagle itke anandat pahun tila pun chhan vatla! MP walyanni samarambh agadi dankyat kela. Limayen kadchi mojkich loka hoti pun Karvenkadchi bharpur mansa! Vivek la khoop mitra ahet, hey hya function varun kalla! Pun kahi naval nahi! Tyachya swabhavach ahe.. lokanna aplasa karaycha! Tyache office madhle loka, natewaik, ase bharpur jananshi tyani Shweta ani tichya aai-vadilanshi olakh karun dili! Mohanrao khoop khush hote! Agadi drishta lagel asa javai milala hota tyanna! Patriketlya rekhanver hubehub basnara!!


Lagna punlya November madhe therla! Date therlya pasun donhi gharat 'kharedi and dhavpal'!

Santha hote fakta doghe… Shweta ani Vivek! Ek-mikanchya premat purepur padlele! Sarkharpuda jhalyaver Vivek ek weekend Punyla la alela.. Tevha Shwetani hi tyala khoop firavla. Tichya pun friends chi olakh karun dili. Tyala Bollywood madhla 'Amir Khan' ashya compliments milyala! Shweta happiness knew no bounds! And was his state of mind!


Vivek tila nhemich surprise gifts daycha. Lagnachi date therlyaver tya doghani tyanchya honeymoon cha pun booking kela!  Mauritius!


August madhe Shweta cha vadhdiwas asto, tichya maitrini adhi pasunach tila vicharayla laglya.. kay plans mhanun? Pun nemka Gurwari vadhdiwas yenar hota.. ani Vivek tyachya pudhchya weekend la punlyala yeun celebrate karnar asa therlela!


Tila nhemi sarkhe ratri pasunach saglyanche phones ale! Barober 12 chya thokyala Vivek cha pun phone ala! Sakali uthun hall madhe yeun baghte ter kay.. hall madhe ek motha red roses cha bouquet.. ani shivay ek yummy chocolate cake! Ti jam khush zali.. tila pahata shkanich kalla.. ki hey sagla Vivek ni pathavlela! Tiche aai-baba pun kautukane baghat hote! Thodyavelani door bell vajli… ani Shweta baghte ter kay… darat Vivek ubha!! Saglyannach khoop ananda zala! 'aaj me Shweta sathi sutti ghetli' mhanun gharat shirla! Doghe tya divshi khoop firle! Sandhyakali Shwetala kalla ki tyani fridayla pun sutti ghetlie ani to ata directly Sunday la janar!! Tila khoop masta vatla! Pun tini vicharla.. office madhe chalel na? to lagech ho bolla.. 'aga majhya bharpur suttya baki ahet.. atta paryant ghetlya nhavtya.. ata nahi ghenar ter kadhi..! hey aaikun Shweta khush zali!


Vivek punyala ala ki eka jawal chya lodge madhe rahat ase! Ata paryant to dondach Punyala alela. Tya char divsache plans pun tech hote. Ratri jevun to Lodge verti nighala tevha Mohanraonni pun tyala sangitla.. 'arre jasta kharcha kinva suttya ghet jau nakos.. aaj Shweta cha birthday ahe mhanun theek .. save pun titkech karat ja'!  Vivek tya ver putkan bolla.. 'hey bagha baba, me gele 5 yrs naukri kartoy! Majha javal javal 80,000 pagar ahe.. sagle cuttings sodun. Ghari paise dayla lagat nahit.. Babancha changla pension milta.. Shivay ghar changla ahech ani gadi suddha.. ter me kharcha ata Shweta ver nahi karaycha ter konaver karaycha? Shivay me plane ni travel karto.. Karan jer me train karat baslo ter weekends akkhe travelling madhe nighun jatil! Ani ajun kiti divas.. fakta lagna hoee paryantach na.. ani shivay saglech boltat.. masta firun ghya dogha.. hey divas parat milat nahit.. barober na??

Hey aaikun Mohanraonna patla, ulat jara khush hi zale.. halli banket evdhe changle pagar miltyat hya chhotya poranna..(Ani visheshta mhanje .. aplya javayala)!!

Actually, Vivek kade pratyek adchanivar solutions and amazing convincing power hoti! To itkya sahaj ritya tyachi baju mandaycha, ki tyacha cha kiti barober ahe hey lokanna putaychay!


Te chaar divas kadhi sampuch nahi ashe gele! Te dogha khoop firle, hotels, movies, kharedi.. vatelte kela! Tya nanter to pratyek weekend la Punyala yayla lagla! Tyani tyachi lagnachi kharedi pun jawal pass punyala keli! Tyachi aai ani Shweta madhun addhun phone varti guppa maraychya. Ani aajkal cellphone aslya mule.. Vivek ani Shweta mobile verach bolat!

Vivek, Limayenchya ghari agadi ekrup zala hota. Tyachya sasu-sasryanna Vivekchya avadni nivadi agadi tondhpath hotya! Tehi, Shweta sarkhe shaniwar kadhi yetoy ani Vivek ghari kadhi yetoy vaat pahat asat!


MP la matra thodi dhavpal udali hoti; karan weekends mhantla ki Vivek punyala ani weekdays mhantla ki Vivek kamaver… ani aajkal ter Raipur!

September mahinya pasun Vivek cha Raipur cha kam ala. Tyala Raipur chya naveen branch cha kam dilela. To hi, hi dhaval manapasun karat hota karan tyala hey sagla lagnachya adhi sampavcha hota.  Tyala Monday to Wednesday Raipur and Thursday-Friday Bhopal asa pathavnyat ala! Hey aaikun Shweta ni tyala lagech sangitla, ‘Ata tu kahi Punlyala yet jau nakos..  ekda kadhitari mich yein ani ata November pun dur nahi’! Pun Vivek aaikel ter na! ‘Aga mala sagla jhepel .. ani samja agdich thaklo ter nahi yenar.. mug ter zala’!


Vivek barober therlya pramane Saturday morning Shweta la bhetaychach! Kadhi kadhi ha mulga itki dhavpal karto.. hey aaikun lokanna ashcharya vataycha! Vivek cha chehra nhemich prasanna ani fresh hota! Shweta la hyacha abhimaan vataycha.. 'ani mhanun ter me tyala ho bolle' asa bolun mokali hoychi!


 Lagna jamlyapasun, sagla itka ramat gamat challa hota. Doghanchya ghari ekdam anandi vatavaran! Shweta-Vivek ter tyanchya swapna-nagari tarangat hotech, pun tyahun dekhil, Vivek chya aaila pun Shweta khoop avadli hoti. Tila ticha mulga khoop khush ahe hey janvat hota ani Vivek chya vadilanche marnya purvi che shabda… ‘Vivek settle zalela mala baghaycha hota’.. hey ata lavkarach poorna hotil te disat hota!


Dusrikade Shweta che aai-baba ter Shweta baroberach tarangat hote! Vivek cha ajun ek vaishishtha mhanje to nhemi tyanna pun include karat! Kadhi hotel la ektra jat, ter natak, movies..! Shweta chya aaila ter javaichya rupane mulgach ghari alyasarkha vattat hota!

Mohanraoncha ter kay vicharus naka! Te itke bharaun gelele..ki kay sangu! Tyana Vivek prachanda avadla hota! Ani actually.. khara karan sangayla zala ter, tyanna tyanchya patrike verchya abhyaasacha khoop abhimaan vatat hota.. ani Vivek la bhetlya pasun ter vadhlach hota!  ‘me patrikevarun sangitleli vyaktirekhi kiti achuk nighali paha’ asa sanglya chhati fadun lokanna sangat! Tyanchakade alikade gardi hi vadhu lagli.. ‘word of mouth’ publicity ni bharpur loka ata patrika julavnyasathi ye-ja karat! (Tyani ata mansa baghun jara fee pun vadhavli hoti)!.. hey  sagla shreya te Vivek la det… ‘aplya javaycha paay guun!’

Ter asa sagla anandi chitra rekhla jat hota..Limaye ani Karvenchya gharat!


 Ekda, Shweta chya atyani hya tighanna Saturday ratri cha kelwanala Mumbaila bolavla. Ata lagnala jemtem 20 divas rahile hote. Atya ni Vivekla suddha amatran dila hota. Shweta kadchya saglya natewaik, mitra-matrininna ' Vivek weekends la Punyat yeto' hey mahit hota! Mug kay.. punnyachya aaivaji apun Mumbaila bhetu asa hya doghancha therla! Vivek yenar mhanun atyani tyachya avadicha pun swaipak kela va saglyanna hathi lavtanna, tini Vivek la pun shirt dila! Sagle khush!


Shwetachi atya pudhchya shaniwari Sangeeta ani mulanna airport varun punyala yenar.. asa hi hya lokancha therla!


Pudhcha weekend Shweta ani Vivek cha last bhetnyacha weekend asa prasiddha zala hota.. Saglyanna Vivek cha khoop kautuk vatat hota.. ki itkya lamb asun to na chukta Shweta la bhetto.. kay prem ahe.. wha!

Ani hya weekend chi charcha jagojagi hot hoti. ‘hya weekend la Shweta-Vivek kay special karnar?’ ase prashnanche phone calls Limaye family la yet hote! Vivek ani Shweta ni adhich thervun thevla hota.. Vivek nhemi pramane Shweta la ghari bhetnar.. tithun te jithe maximum enjoy kela.. tithe te parat janar. Lunch and dinner booking pun Shweta karun thevla hota.. ekdum perfect romantic weekend cha plan akhla hota!


Friday la sakali Shweta chya atya chya phone ala. Tini Sangeeta che flight details ghetle. Mug ashyach Shweta shi guppa marta marta.. ti putkan bolli.. ‘aga kal mala Vivek disla’! Shweta bolli.. ‘kay?.. kasa shakya ahe atya’ ter atya bolli.. ‘aga ho .. mhanje Vivek sarkha disla.. mhanje me dilela shirt tya mulani ghatla hota’!! hey aaikun Shweta hasayla lagli.. ‘aga atya kahi pun kay.. aga tase shirts pratyek dukanat astat.. mhanje kay jo ghalel to Vivek kay!!’ ‘ho ga… pun aga bus madhun chehra nahi disla..pun bandha same Vivek!’ ‘Heehe, tu  pun na atya..sakal sakal joke crack kartes.. Ani for your kind information, Vivek Bhopal la rahto.. ani hya week madhe ter to Raipur la ahe. Aaj tyachya kam purna hotay ani udya to directly Raipur varun Punyala yetoy.. kalla???’ ‘ho ga bai .. kalla!!’ asa balun phone thevla!


Shweta ha joke aai-babanna sangatach hoti ki parat phone vajla!

Vivek chya aai cha phone hota. Shweta ni ha joke tichya honarya sasu la pun sangitla! Tya pun khoop vel haslya!! Ha phone ek ardha taas challa asel!


Shweta la atyacha joke kadhi ekda Vivek la sangtie asa zalela! Mobile uchalyaver silent verti  Vivek che 4 miss calls ale te kalla! Tini redial kele. Sarkha ‘not reachable’ lagat hota. Shevti tiche babani vaitagun .. ‘aga landline ver kar.. tithe nidan message teri sodta yeto’! ‘arre ho ki re.. me pun na’ asa bolun Shweta ni Raipur cha number tichya mobile ver shodhla. ‘Arrecha ... ajun ek joke… Gele 2 mahine Vivek Raipur la kaam kartoy ani majhyakade tyachya office cha landlinach nahi’!! Hey aaikun.. Vadil-mulgi doghahi hassle! Mug vadlanni tila Bhopal chya office madhe phone karun vichar number, asa suggestion dila!


Tini office cha number dial kela.. ‘ha pun me kiti divsanni dail kartie…’ asa bolat eka bai ni phone uchhalla. ‘Hello.. can I get Vivek Karve’s Raipur contact number, please?’ ‘hello, who..??’ ‘Vivek.. Vivek Karve! ..Raipur branch number!’ ‘Vivek.. Karve??.. I am sorry maám… Vivek Karve doesn’t work here.. may I know who is speaking?’ ‘Ya ya, I know..I am his fiancé.. Shweta.. Vivek is working in Raipur, at present.. I want Raipur number!!’.. ‘Sorry maam I don’t think you got me.. Vivek does not work here.. I mean with us.. ICICI anymore..’ ‘WHAT??’ .. ‘for the past 2-3 months.. he is not working in any of our branches either.. I am HR executive speaking.. the number has come to me..!! ‘what? .. ok well thanks!’ ..Phone theun Shweta stabda basli!


Phone zalyaver Mohanraonni vicharla.. ‘kay zala ga??.. tu ashi..’ ..vakya complete hotay na hotay.. tyanni Shweta chya dolyat don tapore themb baghitle.. Te dachakle.. Shweta chya aaila haak marli… jawal-jawal 5 mins doghahi Shweta la bolat hote.. ‘Zalay tari kay??’.. Shweta stabdach! Shevti aaini tila halavla.. ani tyat ti jagi zali.. ‘Aai..aga.. Vivek.. Vi… ’ ‘aga ho.. pudhe kay.. bol ga.. asa ghabarvu nakos…’.. ‘ Vivek.. ICICI madhe lege 2-3 mahinyan pasun kam karat nahie… to tithe naukri nahi karat!’ ‘KAY??’… ashi jorat Mohanraonkadun kinkali ali.. ‘aga pun te kase shakya ahe.. tyanni ter… olakh…. Aga ti kon vakti cha gairsamaj zala asnar.. Kontari shapai asel.. pun’ ‘HR Executive kade phone gela… ’ .. ‘tu atta chya atta Vivek la phone lav… toch sangel tula.. aga Vivek navacha dusra....’ ‘Thamba..’ asa putkan Shweta chi aai bolli… ‘Vivek la nako.. Tyachya aaila phone laav… baghu tila ..’ Shweta ajun thodi stabdach hoti… ‘Ashi ka bolli asel ti bai…? Vivek ter.. Naukri karto…’ ase vichar tichya dokya bhavti firu lagle. Tila Vivek cha chaan sa chehra dolyasamor ala…tini for the first time.. guchha dole mitun to chehra pusnyacha prayatna kela! Ti ekdum khadkhadun jagi zali… tila tichya aai-babanche vicharat padlelle chehre disle! Mohanrao ter ekdumach gangarun gele hote…!


Shweta ni phone uchalla… doghahi aai-baba tichya kade baghu lagle.. vicharat padle asavet.. ‘konala phone kartie ti..’ khara phone uchaltana Shweta blankach hoti.. tila pun mahit nhavta .. ti nakki konala phone karnar ahe..  tini ek number dial kela.. Vivek chya aaini uchalla..!


Vivek chi aai nhemi pramane .. ‘bol ga.. aaj sasu shi guppa maraychyat vatta..’ bolat maskiri chalu keli… Shweta ni  tyana uter na deta.. patkan vicharla… ‘sakal pasun Vivek chya phone alela ka?’ ‘nahi ga.. tasahi to kadhich office la gela ki divasbharat phone nahi karat..  ha..nightana karto!... ka ga.. tula nahi ka ala tyacha…’ ‘yeun gele.. miss calls.. apun bolat astana.. parat try..’ ‘aga magach pasun tujha awaz gambhir vattoy.. sagla theek ah...’ ‘me tyala phone kele.. not reachable lagle… office madhe.. ’ ‘aga office madhe .. aaj jaaam kamat asnar to.. aaj tyala tyachi kama sampavchi ahet na..thodya velani karel tula parat phone..’ ‘office madhe kela.. ICICI..Bhopal… VIVEK DOES NOT WORK HERE.. sangitla.. mha’ ‘mhanje..??’ ‘mhanje to ICICI chya kuthlya hi branch madhe gele 2-3 mahine kam karat nahie.. asa bollya..’ ‘aga.. kon.. aa.. aga kay bolties tu.. kasa shakkya.. arre Vinaaaa… hi Shweeetaa.. bugh  kay boltie..’ ‘mhanun phone kela tumhala.. tumhala hyatla kahi mahit ahe ka?’ ‘aga .. tula kahi ved bid laglay ka..ka.. maskiri karties.. ani aga mala.. ma.. hyatla kahich nahi mahit.. arre Vinnnnaa…’ ‘nahi khara te vichartie..’ Shweta cha awaz purna pane khankhor pun shanta hota.. te tapore themb ata sukun gele hote. Tiche aai-baba matra.. stabda houn phone pashi kan deun kanosa ghet hote… doghanche chehre blank.. Fakta prashna chinhach dolyasamor!


To phone nanter Vinayak mama ni ghetla.. to jawalpass chya area madhe rahat.. ani nemka to kahi saman daila ghari alela!  Shweta ni parat sagli story mamala sagitli.. Tyala pun tech parat prashna vicharle.. To pun chakit zalela! Vivek chi aai phone pashi shanta basun rahili..


Mohanrao.. patkan jage zale… ‘me pahila Vivek la phone lavto.. ani tyalach hi sagli bhangad kay ahe re baba.. hey vicharto..’ ‘ NAKOO.. thamba.. baba’ asa patkan Shweta tyanna bolli… ticha Mobile verti mama shi bolna ajun chaluch hota.. Mohan rao parat gup kine basle!


Mama ni tila phone verti suggest kela.. ‘hey bugh rani.. Tya bai la sakal sakal kahi kalla nasel… me... me ek kam karto... Tya branch madhe swataha jaun baghto kay te.. Ani changli kanakhali petavto tya bai... ugich jivashi shi kheltat hya fashionable muli..’ Shweta la te patla… ‘pun mala tumhi tabadtop phone kara .. kay te.. sangayla..’ ‘ ho ga.. tu kalaji karu nakos.. me mobile varun lagech phone karin..’ ‘mama ani ek .. ek..goshta .. lakshyat theva… Vivek la hyat kahi kalta kama nahi..’ ‘mhanje..??’ ‘mhanje .. jo paryant apla gairsamaj duur hot nahi.. toparyant.. please.. please mama…’ .. asa bolun Shweta pahilyanda radayla lagli..! ‘ho ga bala.. mala kaltay… hey bugh tu radu nakos.. ’ asa bolun phone thevla…

 Ti asa ka bolli, hey ticha tila kalla nahi! Mohanrao ani aai, Shweta la shanta karaycha prayant karat hote.. khara ter te dogha.. paar khachun gelele! Tevdhat Vivekchach cha call ala…!


Te tighahi dachakle! Shweta ni dole pusun phone ghetla. Vivek nhemhi pramane .. ‘good morning.. kay karties…’ chalu kela. Shweta jara shanta hoti.. pun uterra det hoti.. Tevdhyat ti bolli.. ‘arre me tujhye miss calls baghitle.. and tula phone try kela..’ ‘aga ho .. meeting madhe hoto me.. aga jam kam kartoy.. ata parat meetings ahet.. handover karaychay na sagla.. ata 5 mins vel hota.. mhanun patkan tula phone kela!’ ‘kuthlya meetings..’ … ‘ mhanje?? Mhanje aga aaj Raipur cha sagla majha kam finish kartoy na.. mug .. sutti.. mug.. lagna.. mug Honeymoon..’ hey aaikun Shweta chya dolyatun parat pani vahu lagla..tini fakta.. ‘huh’ asach utter dila.. Vivek la andaz ala.. ‘aga.. kay ga .. kay zala.. radties ka..’ ter patkun Shweta ni dole pusle.. ani bolli.. ‘kahi nahi re.. jara sakal pasun amhi jara emotional zaloy.. lagna na!! ’ Vivek la gammat vatli.. ‘kalji karu nakos Shweta.. apun tujhya aai-babana pun MP la neuyat.. mug ter zala..? ’ .. Shweta ni.. pudhe mogham bolun phone thevla!


Tila for the first time, Vivek cha khoop raag ala hota.. ‘MEETINGS’ ha shabda .. dokyatun jaat nhavta. Ha kay prakar challay.. ticha tila kalat nhavta.. lakshya hota.. fakta eka phone kade.. mamachya!


Tikade mama Shweta shi bollya pramane, ICICI Bank chya dishene gela. Jatana tyachi bahin.. mhanje Vivek chya aaila jara shanta kela. Ti pun bai stabda zaleli. ‘hey sagla kay ahe’.. mhanun ektich bolat hoti. Ti phone uchalla Vivek shi bolayla… pun mamani tila thambavla.. ‘me tya pori sangitlay.. ki amhi Vivek la contact karnar nahi.. Tithe tichi halat kay zali asel .. vichar kar!.. me jaun yeto.. nakki tya kon HR  chya gairsamaj zalay.. ’ ‘ho nakkich.. arre.. gele don mahine roj kamaver jato Vivek.. tithe Raipur la jato.. roj thakun nhemi sarkha ghari yeto.. pagar an.. anto.. mhanje.. me vicharte.. nahi nahi toch apunun sangto.. lagna cha kharcha to kartoy..Vinnaa.. arre mhanje nakki kay??’ Mama la pun kahi suche na.. tyala fakta ha ek motha gairsamaj ahe.. hey phone karun Shweta la sangaycha hota! Nightana matra.. to tyachya bahini la bolla.. ‘tu magashi pagaracha bollis na.. ek kam kar.. jara tyacha salary slips kinva passbooks bagh… mhanje nakkich kallel..mug bugh tya HRlach naukritun kadhayla lavto ki nahi.. Hey kay bollna zala.. He does not work here..mhanun’.. asa bolun to nighala.


ICICI chya phone call deed ek taas houn gela asel! Manatun nusti vicharanchi dhavpal ani gondhal.. pun sharer ekdum stabda, garthun gelela.. ase hya donhi gharanmadhe vatavaran zala hota! Mohanraoncha doka paar futaychi vel aleli.. Madhech bolat.. ‘Vivek la phone lav..’ ‘Office madhlya lokanshi ter olakh karun dili.. ’ pun vakya ardhavat sodun shanta basat. Shweta la kasa hi karun Vivek la kalun daycha nhavta.. Ka? Te tichyakade pun utter nhavta…


Jawal jawal 12 vajayla ale.. hya goshti la ata adich taas hot allele. Evhana mama cha phone yayla pahije hota.. pun nahi alay.. mhanun jasta bhiti vatat hoti. Tevdhyatach phone ala.. ithe teeghanche hath pay thertherun kapu lagle, kasa basa Shweta ni phone uchalla!


Phone uchallyas kshani Shwetala lakshyat ala! Tikde malacha radvela awaz aaikla. Ithe Shweta che dole ghalghalu lagle. Mamani ter ajun ek vichitra  news sangitli.. ‘ICICI ni Vivek la kadhlay fraud karto mhanun’ hey aaiktach Shweta la chakkar yeun ti kosalli..

Phone Mohanraonni ghetla.. manat bharpur shivya hotya.. pun tondatun ek shabda futena… tithe mama pun gangarun gela hota..


Shweta jara ardhya tasani savarli.. tini parat Vivek chya aai la phone lavla.. ticha awaz khoop khankhor hota.. ti spashta bolli.. ‘tumhi ani mama tabadtop ithe yaa.. mala hya goshti cha Vivek kadun nikal lavaychay. Me hey lagna karnar nahie.. pun udya Vivek yetoy.. mala tyala jab vicharaychay.. tumhi ithe alat ter jasta bara hoeel .. nahi alat.. teri theek ahe! .. pun tyala hey sagla kalta kama nahi’ Vivek chi aai la hey patla.. tila pun prachanda raag ala hota mulaver! Tine mamala ani Vivek chya kaka la gheun yete mhanun sangitla. Ani tya ratri plane madun hey tigha Shwetachya ghari ale.


Ithe diwasbhar Vivek la goshti cha patta nhavta. To nhami pramane vel milala ki Shwetala phone karat hota.. Shweta, ‘me busy ahe’.. mhanun tyala talat. To apla .. weekend chya dhundheet hota.. Tyachya plans madhe to ramla hota!


Ratra bhar sagle sutake chehre takun basle hote. Vivek chi aai tyachya August paryantachya pagarachya slips gheun ali hoti. Sakali pahate uthun fakta bolli… ‘Vivek ni tumhalach nahi ter mala jasta fasavla ahe… me tyala jaabh vicharnar ahe.. tumhi nhemi sarkha tyala gharat ghya.. Pudhe me bolin tyachyashi’


 Saturdayla, Vivek nhemi pramane ghari ala. Ervi Mohanrao agadi hatatla kam takun ‘Vivek ala, Vivek ala’ asa khush houn bolnare.. aaj paper vachat baslele. Tyani just Vivek la ek smile dili.. pani vicharla..ani Shweta tayar houn yeeilach itkyat, bolle! Actually, tyancha plan nhemi sarkhach behave karaycha hota.. pun Vivek dislyaver .. tyanna prachanda santaap ala.. ani potat gola pun!  Vivek la hi jara chuklya chuklya sarkha vatla.. tyacha lakshya tevdhyat chaplyannchya stand verti gela.. aaj tyala jara chapla jasta dislya.. pun gharat ter konachich chahal pahal nahi.. shivay tya Dubai chya chapla pun vatlya nahit... ka konasthauk .. pun tya chaplankade tyani neat baghitla.. ani.. olkhichya.. vaatyatttt……. Tevdhyat.. tyachya aai cha awaz ala.. ‘Vivek..’


Vivek dachkun ubha rahila. Mohanraonni putkan mage jaun darwaja banda  kela.. Vivek saglikade baghtoy ter kay.. pratyek koperyattun kon na kon tari ubha hota.. Mama.. Kaka.. Shweta chi aai .. baba.. ani Shweta.. Tyala ekdum gham futla..to par gondhalun gela! Kahi kalnya palikade hota.. Shweta ekikadun bolli.. ‘Ervi tu amhala surprises detos na.. aaj amhi tula dila’ Vivek gham pusat bolla.. ‘hey kay surprise zala.. hey ter ghabarnnnaa..’


Pun tevdhyat Vivek chya aaine tyachya angaver papers fekle.. tyala kallech na.. kay ha prakar te.. tyani te uchhale… hath-paay tyache latlat kapat hote.. ani salary slips dislya..  tyachya ekdum lakshyat ala, pun Vivek itka ghaberlela..ki putkan bolla.. ‘aai aga me tula sagnar hoto.. me.. lapavnar nhavto..’.. tyachya mamani hey aaiktach tyala ek thobadit marli.. ‘KADHI…. TUJHI AAI MELYAVER .. KA..?? ’ Vivek ata purna gondhalla.. tyala kahi explanation suchat nhavta.. tyacha chehra ghamani ani ata dolyatlya panyani nithalela.. Vivek chi aai eka bazu ne bolat hoti.. ‘ka asa ka kelas.. FRAUD/?? .. Kay kartos tu? Kuthe jatos.. kay dhande ahet ?? SANG… tya muli.. kade bugh.. tichi kay halat zalie.. aaj Shwetani jer sangitla nasta ter…’ Tyala hi vakya aaiku ali nasavit .. kadachit..  pun SHWETA ha shabda kanaver padun, to ekdum jaga zala.. ‘SHWETA.. SHWETA’ karat to tichya kade gela. ‘Shweta .. meee ..tula fasavla nahie ga.. jagala .. asin.. pun tul.. apun lagna karuyat… SHWETA.. ’ Mohanrao tichya madhe ale.. ‘Khabardaar majhya muli kade gelas ter’..‘ JAGALA???’  ha shabda Shweta ni ani Vivekchya aaini ekdum ucharlla!


Vivek poorna gondhalela.. tyani kabul kela.. ‘ho jagala!! Mala paise khoop avadtat.. majha pagar kiti hi changla asla teri mala.. kami vatto.. mhanun…. Pun  pun .. me vaeet dhande karat nahi.. me .. mala fakta paise havet ga.. bankela la lakshyat ala.. warning dili.. me kahi vel shanta baslo.. pun rahvalla nahi.. mug naukritun kadhla.. August end pasun ghari.... ata pun me .. kahi vaeet dhande karat nahie.. easy money chi concept ahe.. me bharpur.. firtoy.. mitranbarober.. Goa, Kolhapur, Hydrabad.. Mumbai .. pun Raipur nahi.. pun kal Mumbai varun Raipur la gelo.. ithe yaycha hota na.. luggage tags… am..amhala dhanda karaychay..mhanun me firtoy.. ’ Mumbai bollyaver Shwetala kalchya atyacha joke athavla.. ‘tu kal Mumbai la hotas?? ’ asa putkan tini vicharla …   to parat dachakla.. putkan ho bolla..‘pun pun.. me nahi kahi kela… majhe mitra mala gheun gele tithe.. to business me nahi karnar.. mala nahi jhepnar.. me apla …’ ‘arre , tu kay boltyos tujha tula kaltay kaa??’ ase tyache kaka tyala bolle.. Vivek parat ghaberla..  Vivek chi aai khoop radayla lagli… ‘arre kay karun baslas hey.. aaj mala laaz vattie.. ithe .. ithe ha sagla tamasha hotay.. aare tujhe baba.. baba..bara..zala te varle.. sutle bichare.. tyanche shabda.. mala vivek la settle zalela pahicha hota.. mala vatla.. ata 10 divsat milel tyanna .. shanti ..ter kasla kay… ’


‘babanna sagla kalla.. mhanunach ter te mel…mele..’ hey vakya aaikun Mohanraonni tyachya heart ver patkan hath thevla… sagle ashcharya chakit houn Vivek kade baghu lagle! ‘ho, tya divshi tyanna kalla ki me chhote mothe fraud karun jasta paise kamavtoy te.. tya ratri amcha jordar vadavadi zali… tu .. tu baher hotis… ghari .. ushira alis.. tu aaychya adhich tyanchya chhatitun kala marat hotya.. tu alyaver.. apun hospital kade dhhavlo.. tya vakya cha arthaaa… majhya naukrichya sandharbhat…’’ hey vakya Vivek la complete karta ala nahi ani to dhasa-dhasa radayla lagla! … ‘PUN …PUN…. SAGLI CHUK TYANCHI AHE… tyani mala vatel de dila.. .. mala kadhi nahi bolle nahit..pun divshi… tyani mala chalto ho.. sangitla..  ’ asa ordun to parat radayla lagla!


Hey sagla hya lokanchya jaga palikade hota… sagle apaplya jagi .. freeze zalele! Kahi kshan purna sannata hota…! Konalach kalpanna nhavti.. ki asa kahi ahe te…


Thodya velani .. Shweta chi aai Vivek chya aai la bolli… ja tumhi ata ghari.. aple sambhandha ithech sample. Hey aaiktach Vivek parat Shweta kade dhavla… ‘Shweta.. Shweta… me tula hey sagla kharach sangnar hoto.. me khota nahi bolat.. pun pun … himmat nahi zali… me tula lagna nanter sagnar hoto.. mala vatla.. ekda lagna zala ki…’  Shweta ni just Vivek kade baghitla.. tichya dolyatun non-stop pani yet hota… ‘ Shweta me kharach.. kharach ga.. tujhya ver khoop prem karto.. me nahi rahu shakat… tujhyashivay.. Shweta apun swapna pahiliet… tyala paise lagtat ga....’ Shweta kahich bolat nhavti.


 Tevdhyat bell vajli… baherun ‘DUBAI CHE VARADHI ALEOOO …AJOBA ,AAJI.. MAVSHI ’ ashya haka aaiku alya…


Shweta chya angaver sar ki ne kata ubha rahila.. ‘PLEASE JAA ITHUN.. ’ Shweta chi aai parat saglyanna bolli…daar ughduun..  sagle jaila nighale.. pun  Vivek tikdun halena.. Shweta jara putputli… ‘hey jar tu mala lagna nanter kinva aplya 50vya anniversary nanter jari sangitla asta.. teri pun me hech kela asta’.. Vivek khoop radat hota.. tyala tithun nighvena.. pudhe gelyaver.. Shweta ni haak marli.. ‘Vivek…’ sagle parat thamble… Vivek ashawadi zala… ‘tu majhya ver kharach khoop prem kartos??’ ‘ HO HO .. SHWETA…’ ‘TER PARAT MAJHYA AAYUSHAT YEYU NAKOS… ME KUTHYE, KAY KARTIE… KASHI AHE… HA VICHAR DEKHIL KARU NAKOS… PLEASE…. EVDHA FAKTA KAR MAJHYA SATHIIIII..’ Vivek ani mandali tithun nighun gelle… darat ubhe asnare pahune .. daratach dole fadat ubhe rahile!







































Hya pudheche divas Mohan Limayenchya ghari ekdum sutaki vatavarnat gele! Shwetachya kay ter saglyancha aayushatala khoop motha prasanga hota! Ti tichya so called lagnyachya divshi hamsahamshi radli. Hey radna konalach aaikavla nahi!

Sangeeta, Dubai la parat jai paryant hya tighanchi khoop samjut kadhli.. pun… tighahi khoop nirash hote.. Shweta chi aai, ekda Shwetala dheer dharat.. ter khadhi lokanche phone calls attend karat..karan ‘Shweta cha lagna modla’ hi batmi agesarkhi pasarat hoti… Tila Mohanraoncha pun khoop tension alela.


Ani khara setback basla to Mohan Limaye yanna!


Mohan Limaye, ervi chhati thokun bolnara ..kiva rubabi chalnara.. hya divsat.. ektach kholli madhe basaycha! Shwetachya aaini suddha pahilyanda aplya navryala evdha khachlela va hatash zalela baghitla hota.


Mohan Limayenni hya daha divsat kuthllihi patrika hatat ghetli nhavti. Agadi Shweta kinva Vivek chi suddha. Janu kahi te jyotish nahich ahet ki kay! Pun Shweta cha asa radna tya divshi tyana aaikavla nahi.. ani tyani tya don patrika uchhalya ani ajun eka prasiddha jyotisha kade nelya!


Guruji, Shweta chi patrika pahatach.. ‘kay rajashahi patrika ahe ho.. shikshan uttamach.. navra pun hushar kartab ..’ hey aaikun Mohanraonni ti patrika khechli… ani Vivek chi patrika dili.. Gurujini.. ti patrika bahitli.. ani patkan.. hi konchi patrika ahe mhanun vicharla.. Mohanraonni sangitla.. Mulisathi baghtoy.. ‘hmmm.. hya mulacha baki sagla theek.. pun far chanchal swabhav ahe ho..  ata hey bagha na..’ asa bolun Mohanraonna ..athavla.. Guruji pudhe bolle… ‘aho .. ek salla deu ka? .. naka jau pudhe… ashi mansa khoop chanchal astat va stheerta naste.. ani hyacha.. bagha hya gharat… hya lokande bahuda ek prakarchi messmerising power aste…topyalavnare… ha mulga asa aselach asa nahi.. pun mulichya babtit evdhi vishyachi pariksha ka ghaychi.. ani tya pun tumchya.. aho tumhi kalji karu nakat ho.. ti bolel tevha lagna jamel!


Ghari alyaver Mohanrao tyanchya kholit jaun dhasa-dhasa radle. ‘me baghitlela gunn… pun mug majhya lakshyat ka nahi ala..majhi buddhi kashi kay bhrashtta zali.. asa ka zala…? me majhya mulichya aayushashi khelo.. vaat lavli paar bichyara porichi ’


Halu halu Shweta savarayla lagli. Jara aai barober bajarat, ter kadhi maitrini barober baher, pun hey sagla ti tichya aai-babansathi karat hoti. Til aatun ajunahi.. Vivek chya prasanggatun baher padli nhavti.

Pun Mohanrao bichare paar khachle, tyanchya chehryaverchi bhattich geli.. ekdum ratorat mhatarpun janvayla lagla!

Jyotish-shatra chya dhandhyat bolaycha zala ter Mohanrao par hatash zlae hote. Ani actually.. ‘Shweta-Vivek cha lagna modla’ hi batmi ashi kay vichitra ritya baher paserli hoti.. ki prateklala amhi kase fasle gelo hey sangun, Mohanrao thakun jat! Ani mookhya mhanje.. evdha motha Jyotish.. swatachyach muli babtit fasla… ter apla kay…!! .. ashi hi vakya Mohanraonnchya aaiknyat ali. Halu halu gardi kami hot legi… ji loka tyanchya eka shabdaver vishwas thevnare, aaj .. ‘cross check’ karu lagle..! ani khara sangaycha zala ter.. kuthetari Mohanraonna pun  Shweta chya babtit ‘ apunach doshi ahot’ hey khat hota.. mhanun tyancha hi interest ani confidence jat hota!


Kahi divas hya tighanna Sangeeta ni Dubai la bolavala. Firavla.. jara vatavaran nirmitti karaycha prayatna kela. Dubai varun yetana, Sangeeta cha navra Shweta shi bolla… ‘Tula nhemich shikay cha hota na.. mug admission ghe ani shik na..! Hey bugh, lokanchya aayushat khoop vaeet prasangga yetat… hyachyatun pun shik ani pudhe ja.. ata tula madhech admission nahi milnar.. pun distinction la naukri ter milel. College start hoee paryant kar.. mug Masters kar! ’


Shweta la ha salla khoop mola cha hota. Infact ticha ayusha hya sallya nanter completely badalla. Punyala alyaver tila eka hospital madhe Assistant Dietician cha job milala. Tyachyat ti ramli. Pudhe tine Msc in Food and Nutrition la adimission ghetli.


Hya adich varshyat , Shweta completely busy zali. Adhi naukri madhe nanter abhyasat swatala zokun dila. Tichyatli ek parat hushar, tejaswi Shweta jagi zali. Shikshanachi swapna ti parat pahu lagli. Ghari ti kami va librarit jasta.. asa ticha routine zala. Gharche pun tila baghun barech saverle. Mohanraonni Shwetachya aaila ‘mala ata kon farsa patrikan babtit vicharat nahi’ hey Shweta la kadhi kalun deu nakos.. asa khadsavun sangitlela.. ani tini pun te palla!


Shweta ni MSc madhe 1st Class milavla. Tila tyach mahinyat Punyatla prasiddha Ruby Hall Clinic madhlya Pediatric Division madhe tila Dietician cha job milala.

Hi sagli Shweta chi pragati pahun gharche sagle khush hote. Pun konalach ‘ata apun tujhya lagnacha baghuyat ga’ bolaychi himmat nhavti!


Khara ter nakalat, Shweta cha aayusha ticha tich ghadvat hoti. Kamachya nimityane tichi olakh eka Pediatrician shi zali. Mhanje ti actually tya Dr. ranchya under kam karat hoti.


Dr. Ajay Patankar navacha, ek tarun, hushar ani kartabdar Pediatrician hota. Shweta cha schedule Dr. Ajay chya pramane aslya karan te nhemich ekatra kam karat.


Ajay cha vay 32 hota. To avivhait hota. Tyala  ‘young promising Doctor’ .. asa mhanun olakhla jat. Tyachya field madhe tyacha nyan ani pragati afat hoti. Disayala savala, nakaverti chasma.. asa sarva sammanya mansan peki ek hota. Hann, pun tyachya chehrya vercha abhyaasacha tej baghun .. lonkanna kallaycha.. ki .. ‘ha solid great manus asnar’. Ani tasach hota to! Medical profession madhe ghuslyaver.. lagnacha vay ultun challay.. hey tyala pun janavla nhavta. Tyacha chhota bahu Ameriket, lagna karun settled hota. Ajay che aai-vadil, ata Ajay baroberach Punyala rahat hote.  Ajay cha swapna ekach… ‘me ek swatacha Nursing Home kadhnar!’


Ter aso, Dr. Ajay ani Shweta..jawal jawal 12-12 taas ekatra kam karat. Gele don varsha ektra kam karta karta, ekmikanshi professionally ekdum comfortable zale hote. Kuthe conference la .. ter kuthlya lectures na..te ektra jaun … ‘Children and Obesity’ verti tyancha mudda mandat.  Ekda lunchtime madhe achanak Ajay ni Shweta lagnacha vicharla. Shweta cha chehra phulla! Tini ha kadhi vichar kela nhavta.. pun ata ho bolayla kahich harkat nhavti! Pun ‘ho’ bolnyachya adhi .. jawal jawal 5 varshan purvi tichya aauyashat kay zala te sangitla.

Ajay hasla… ani gamtishir bolla… ‘nidan tujhya aayushat kon teri yeun ter gelay.. majhyat fakta medical journals ani books.. ani te pun kadhi jatil hey sangta yet nahi!! ’ Shweta hasli.. ani ti haluch ‘ho’ bolli!


Tyach divshi Ajay tila ‘aajach me tujhya aai-babanshi bhetlo ter chalel?’ mhanun vicharla! ‘ hoo..majhe aai-baba jam khush hotel..’ mhanun Shweta pun khush jhali!! … ‘Ajay.. pun .. majhe baba patrika baghtat.. tu mala tujhi birth vel de… mug te baghtil and sangtil..’ asa hi ti putkan bolli. ‘Sangtil..?? Sangtil kay?? .. muhurta na??’ .. ‘ho, ani patrika jultie ka..’ ‘don’t tell me, jer patrika julali nahi ter… ter.. mug lagna nahi.. asa tu mala bolshil.. tula me deto vel…but I don’t believe in this.. come what may.. I want to marry you… pun.. tu pun hyat believe kartes ka?? ’ Shweta jara baghatach basli.. hey vakya.. tichya kanaver pahilyanda padla hota. ‘patrika madhe believe karat nahi!!’


Shweta ni pun kadhi vichar kela ki ti patrikanmadhe believe karte ka? Lahan pana pasun ti tichya babanna, patrika baghnare ek prasiddha jyotish mhanunach baghat aleli. Tila tyancha aadar hi hota. Aaj paryant tila konich hey vicharla nhavta. Kinva tini pun ‘patrika pahana kiti barober ahe’ hya muddyaver kadhich charcha keli nhavti. ‘Vivek Karve’ hya episode madhe patrika ni ek motha role play kelay… te hi tila kadhich janavla nhavta! Ajunahi nahi. Ti thodya velani Ajay la bolli.. ‘me believe karte ki nahi .. hey majha mala mahit nahi.. pun majhe vadil kartat.. mhanun tyanchyasathi.. ani rahila aplya lagnacha prashna… mala tujhyashich lagna karaychay!’ ..pun kuthetari ha vichar Shwetachya dokyat firat rahila… ‘patrika nahi julali ter baba kay boltil??’


Sandhyakali gadit bastanna ..  tila tension alay mhanun Ajay la sangitla. Ajay la kalla… tyani gadi thet ghari na valavta, jara bajushya gallit valavali. Ajay bolla.. ‘hey bugh, me magashi tu bollo.. te final ahe.. ki I want to marry you. Haan, pun Patrikanbabtit bolin ter.. me believe karat nahi ..pun mhanun kay te sagla bakwas ahe asa hi nahi.. jyachi tyachi awad ani vishwas ahe.. me te respect karto. Pun patrika pahana .. or bhavisha … hey sagla aplya la fakta disha sangtat or dheer detat.. shabda shaha ghadtach asa nahi. Me destiny la manto. Ani hi destiny apun swataha shape up karto ani karu shakto hyala jasta manto. Ata majhach babtit bagh, me lahan pani singing class la jaycho.. tevha majhe sir ani bakiche loka.. ha motha gayak honar mhanun sangayche. Mala pun te avdaycha. Pun 9th pasun me itka abhyasat jumplo.. ani majhya avadi navadi badalat gelya.. ani majha singing class nakki kadhi sutla.. te ata lakshyat hi nahi. Me tevha Doctor honyachi swapna pahu laglo.. ani aaj me jhaloy. Haan, pun shastriya sangeet, tula ter mhaitich ahe ..majhya satat room madhe chalu asta!

So majha sangnyacha mudda asa… patriket guun nhemich jultat astat, pun shevti lagna kasa julvun thevaycha te aplya haatat atsa. And moreover.. We are destined to be together… nahiter tujhya ayushat magashi bollya pramane asa kahi zalach nasta.. ani apun bhetloch nasto! .. ‘Yes!... chal ghari tujhi olakh karun dete!’ Shweta bolli… ani doghahi tichya ghari gele!


Ghari aai ter khoopach khush zali. Tichya dolyatun ananda ashru thambe na. Mohanraonna itkya varshya pahilyanda nachavasa vatla! Ajay jayla nightana.. Shwetani babanchya hatat.. Ajay chi janma velechi chhithi dili. Mohanroanni ti ghetli ani Ajay la parat dili. Shweta la kahi kalla nahi.. ‘baba aho ti.. janma vel ahe… patrika sathi, Ajay chya..’ Mohanrao bolle.. ‘rani, me patrika baghna kadhich sodun dilay.. ha.. kahi loka yetat taripun.. me vinamulya baghto.. ani khara sangu ka.. 5 varshan purvi je kahi zala.. tya nanter majhi icchhha hi nighun geli.. and confidence hi! .. ata parat patrika baghaychi himmat hot nahi!’ Shweta chya dolyat ghalaghala pani vhahu lagla.. tila hey sagla mahit nhavta.. Pratekachya aayushat kiti badal zalay .. te putkan tila janavla. kay karava te suche na… tine babanna ghatta mithi marli!



Hya goshti la saha varsha ulatli. Aaj Mohanraonn chi panchatteri! Hya vayat loka mhatare hotat.. pun Mohanraonavachi tabbyet ter.. touch wood. Shwetacha 2 mahinyat lagna zalya pasun ..Mohanraonnvanchi bhatti parat yayla lagli. Aaj ter Mohanrrao ekdum havetach hote.. !  Ani ka nasnar? Ekter panchatarri dankyat ani mookhya mhanje panchatarri chi bhet mhanun.. ‘Niyati Nursing Home’… cha uttghatan!! Arre wha! Jyala tyala.. ‘Majhya jawaya cha swapna aaj sakar jhalay’ sangat hote! Dr Ajay ni 2 floors cha hospital bandhla. Ground floor la Doctors chya list madhe.. ‘Dr. Shweta Patankar .. Ph.D in Food and Nuitrition Siences ’ hey naav vachun Mohanraonnchi cchati dupati ne phulleli! Kadever aslelya deed varshyachya Niyati la.. sarkha sangat… ‘bugh.. aai-babancha naav.. tujhya pun nav ithech yenare , bara ka!’


Chaar choughanshi guppa marat ubhe asnare Mohanraonnchya kanaver Ajay cha ek vakya padla.. ‘Shreya jata ter khara Shweta la… ticha yat sinhwacha vata ahe!’


Ani kuthe tari.., Mohanraonna Shweta chi patrika dolyasamor ali.. te swatalach bolle ‘ho re.. apun barober abhyaas kelela Shwetachya patrikecha… rajshahi patrika.. shikshan uttamach.. navraaa… kartabgaar….samor yetya kshani.. lagna.. Ajayshya shivay kon asuch shakat nahi… ani mookhya mhanje… samatolane hathbhar lavnar.. hey pati vercha naav.. hyachyahun uttam udharan ajun kay asnar…’ ha sagla vichar karat astanna tyanche dole chamkat hote.

Tevdhyat tyanna Vivek Karve chi pun patrika dolyasamor flash zali.. adhi ti jara jhatkavli.. pun tya patrikecha pun vichar ala dokyat.. ‘Vivek jila baiko mhanun prem karel… afat karel…’ ani tyanchya lakshyat ala.. ‘barober ahe.. jya kshani Shweta bolli.. jer tu khara prem karat asshil ter..tu nighun ja.. ani to asa kay nighun gela.. jasa kay to ayushat alach navhta.. mug hey kharach prem asava ki kay..?? … mhanje me hyachyat pun barober hoto…’ hey ashya vicharat ..Mohanrao gunga zale.


Ani kharokharach…Vivek aaj kuthye , kay kartoy.. hey Limaye kutumbiyala  kahich mahit nahi. Pun aaj to jithe kuthe ahe.. to.. Shweta cha shabda paltoy .. he nishchit!


Mohanrao vicharat gunga asatannach.. ek gruhastha ale ani bolle.. ‘aho tumhich Mohan Limaye nna?? Prasiddha jyotish?? Mala jara patrika dakhvaychi hoti.. mulichi..’ Mohanrao hassle… ani bolle .. ‘ho, ka nahi! Tumhi ek kam kara, udya majhya ghari ya.. Me nivant patrikecha abhyass karin…!!’